Avoid GMOs for a healthier life!

We have recently been bombarded with information regarding Genetically Modified Organisms commonly known as GMOs. With so much information about GMOs, it can be hard to know how to avoid them, what choices are the best for you family and life, and what to look for when purchasing food or other items. One of the best things you can do is to read labels regularly.

USDA Organic & Non GMO Labels

USDA Organic & Non GMO Labels

Here are tips for choosing avoiding GMOs and for making educated changes in your life:

1) Choose USDA Certified Organic items.

2) Purchase USDA Certified Organic linens and sheets.

3) Avoid high-fructose corn syrup.

4) Find a farmer you trust and purchase your meats from that farm. If you can’t do that, choose organic.

5) Corn & Soy Beans are top GMO containing vegetables. Choose organic corn and soy products.

6) There is a non-gmo project labels (picture above) which you can find on safe products at the grocery store.

7) Search for lists of GMO free or products to avoid. There are good lists here and here.

8) Start a garden and purchase non-gmo heirloom or organic seeds.

9) Choose cane sugar and avoid other sugars which frequently contain GMOs.

10) Shop locally – frequent the farmer’s market, find out which area stores carry local products, and/or join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

Weston A. Price Foundation has excellent non-GMO information. Check out our non-GMO pinterest board!

Eliminating GMOs can feel overwhelming at first, but start with one or two areas and gradually continue the shift towards non-GMO items.