Coconut Oil makes the best popcorn!


One of my favorite uses for Coconut Oil is for popping popcorn! It’s not only a healthy choice but it tastes amazing! You

stove-top popcorn maker

Stove-top Popcorn Maker

can pop popcorn in a pan but I really like using a stove-top popcorn popper. You add the oil and popcorn at the same time and they heat together creating a light, fluffy, and perfect popcorn.


There is no need to add butter when you are finished – the coconut oil gives excellent flavor. Just add the seasoning of your choice – Parmesan cheese is high on the list around here!


For 1/2 cup of unpopped popcorn, you need 1-3 Tb. coconut oil.


Here is the recipe for a delicious treat – Kettle Corn! The salty, sweet, and crunchy snack is irresistible. Choosing coconut oil elevates the flavor, adds interest, and is (of course!) healthier.


Coconut Oil Kettle Corn

Coconut Oil Kettle Corn


2 Tb. coconut oil
1/2 c. popcorn
3 Tb. sugar
1 tsp. salt, scant
Add all ingredients to the stove-top popper. Cook over medium heat Рto medium low heat turning the handle steadily. Remove from the heat immediately when the popping slows and pour into a big bowl. ENJOY!

What’s your favorite popcorn flavor? Have you ever tried coconut oil with your popcorn?¬†