Cooking with coconut oil is delicious and easy!

Hearty Naturals Coconut Oil

Hearty Naturals Coconut Oil

Today we want to share some easy ways to incorporate coconut oil into your recipes. It adds wonderful flavor and health benefits and can often be substituted in recipes. These guiding facts will help you to understand a few of the properties of coconuto oil that can make for successful kitchen use.

1) It can withstand very high temperatures which it makes it the ideal candidate for stir-frying or frying in general. It can be successfully substituted for other oils which makes a healthier meal. The flavor addition to Asian inspired meals is exceptional!

2) It is similar in fat content to butter and can often be used in place of butter in recipes. Vegan cooks can especially appreciate the versatility and adaptability of coconut oil. It can be used to make frosting, pie crust and more! It is important to note that a recipe may need just a bit more liquid added, but otherwise it is a 1 to 1 ratio for substitution.

3) Coconut oil is can be used as a liquid or a solid. Depending on the intended recipe, the coconut oil temperature may need adjusted. For pie crust or any recipe it is used in as a substitute for butter or another solid shortening, place the oil in the fridge to solidify. The melting point of coconut oil 76 degrees F. To use it for popcorn drizzle or for other liquid uses, microwave it, run the container under hot water, or place the container in a bowl of hot water to achieve the melted form.

Coconut oil is wonderfully beneficial, very flexible, and simple to use!