Did you ever wonder how to make homemade shaving cream?

Do you use our significant other’s shaving cream to shave your legs?  Maybe you’re really

lazy or broke, so you just use whatever shampoo or soap you can find in the tub.  Are

your legs happy with you?  How about your armpits?  Want to make them smile? You can

try this homemade, coconut oil shaving cream recipe I found at Gluten Free Navy Wife

and adapted for Hearty Naturals Coconut Oil.


To make the diy shaving cream scrub you will need:

2 1/2 C. of Sugar

1 C. Coconut Oil

5 Tbs. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice. (You can use it from a container too.)


How to make citrus coconut oil shaving cream

Citrus Coconut Oil Shaving Cream Scrub.



Combine all ingredients and mix well.  Now the fun begins!  Enjoy a warm or hot soak

in the tub with your scrub sitting next to you, so you can lavish in the tropical scent.

Scoop a generous amount of diy coconut sugar scrub and scrub one leg to prepare

and exfoliate your skin.  Then, shave your leg and repeat with the other leg.  The oil

will need to be rinsed off your razor repeatedly. Here’s a little secret, after you pat dry,

use any leftover scrub as a moisturizing lotion on your legs.


This works  really well.  Your  legs will feel super soft and silky.  The scrub removes

dead skin and lotion build up from the  legs.  It also works well for those rough patches

on your elbows or as a lip conditioner.  You might also like our Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

for the face and hands.