How to Make Healthy Fast Freezer Skillet Meals

Fast Easy Freezer Meals

Have you seen those freezer skillet meals that are supposed to feed two? They don’t feed two hungry people. They are not very healthy either. So, if you are looking for a way to make your own healthy freezer skillet meals, we’ve got you covered.


Freezer skillet meal made with yellow summer squash, carrots, sugar snap peas, chicken, pasta, coconut oil and chicken broth.

First, look at some of the freezer skillet meals in the store and decide on a combination of ingredients. Do you want chicken, beef or pork? Pick your vegetables and a starch – either rice or pasta. Next, purchase the ingredients, making sure to buy enough to eat once and then freeze the rest. Also, pick up some packets of concentrated broth. Make sure you get one that compliments your meat.

Chop all of your vegetables, if you are cooking for children, make sure you cut them in bite size pieces, so you don’t have to cut them twice. Cook your starch according to package directions, leaving your pasta al dente. Also, dice and cook your meat. Once your meat and starch are cooked, you need to saute your vegetables.

Heat up some coconut oil in a skillet and then add the vegetables. Saute the veggies until they are brightly colored and starting to get tender. Add your meat and starch and stir to combine. This is where the concentrated broth packets come in, add one into the skillet. Some may prefer the sauce of two packets. At this point, heat it only long enough to get everything the same temperature.

If you are making healthy skillet meals to freeze, then you want to cook each part separately. Once everything is cooked, lay the ingredients out on a shallow pan lined with waxed paper and place the pan into the freezer. It won’t take long for the ingredients to freeze. Once frozen, break everything into chunks and place them into a freezer bag to store.

Now, you have a meal for another day! When you get ready to cook the frozen one just add it all to a warm pan add a little water and cover and cook until hot. Remember to stir occasionally so it doesn’t burn. Enjoy!