Pinterest has the best tips for the use of coconuts!


Here are the top 4 most popular health and beauty diy things to do with coconuts.

You’ll see these recipes pinned a hundred times from a hundred different sources. I

picked 3 of my favorite blogs to share with you.


Who knew there is a blog called, Made from Pinterest!  They have tons of great diy and

homemade health and beauty recipes found on Pinterest.  We especially like this one,

homemade coconut milk shampoo.  I hear it smells good enough to drink.


Homemade Coconut Milk Shampoo

Homemade Coconut Milk Shampoo


Maybe you’d prefer a bar of shampoo soap? This one from Learning and Yearning is

fairly easy (especially if you already make soap). The best part is it uses coconut oil!

We’ve got you covered, hop over to Hearty Naturals and buy a jar or two or three.


how to make shampoo bars

Learning and Yearning blog’s shampoo bar recipe


One of my fellow kid bloggers, The Iowa Farmer’s Wife, has a great diy recipe for home-

made coconut oil baby wipes.  Just imagine if you use coconut oil on your baby’s bottom

it will feel as soft as a baby’s behind 😉


homemade diy baby wipes

homemade diy baby wipes

Adorned from above came up with a recipe for coconut oil bubble bath.  Imagine

soaking in a warm, sudsy tub with the scent of coconut wafting in the air. Your body

will thank you. Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer. You might also like our easy

coconut sugar scrub recipe.


Coconut Oil Bubble Bath

Coconut Oil Bubble Bath



Hearty Naturals coconut oil is a super ingredient in many diy homemade recipes.

What will you make?  Share your ideas for your favorite use of coconut oil in the

comment section.