Make your own tropical paradise with Coconut Oil Candles

Make your own coconut candles.

Escape to the tropics.

Summer is officially over, but don’t fret!  If you aren’t quite ready to succumb to the scents of fall you can keep the tropical vibe alive with a little coconut aromatherapy!  The intoxicating scent of coconut can instantly transport anyone to a sultry, sandy paradise any time of the year.  And really, what’s not to love about that?  One way to transform your home into a summery oasis is by making candles using coconut essential oil.  Light a candle and take a vacation right in your living room!  Coconut essential oil is as close as your local craft and department store, and you can purchase Hearty Naturals Virgin Coconut Oil (Coconut Fat) online.  A few other easily obtained items, and you’ll be a candle making pro in no time at all!  So pour yourself something cold and fruity, stick a little umbrella in it,  gather your supplies, and let’s make coconut candles!  April Martin is a crafty cooking diva, and she tipped me off to this fantastic coconutty recipe.

You’ll need:


Candle molds

Hearty Naturals Coconut Oil

Cooking oil spray

Soy wax shavings

Double boiler

Cooking thermometer

10 drops coconut essential oil

Bamboo skewer



To make cleanup a cinch, start by protecting your workspace with newspaper.  Spray five candle molds with cooking oil spray or rub Hearty Naturals Coconut Oil inside to keep the wax from sticking to the molds.  Then, pour about a cup of Hearty Naturals Coconut Oil and 2 cups of soy wax shavings into the upper portion of a double boiler.  Fill the bottom portion about halfway with water.

Over medium heat, melt the coconut oil (fat) and soy wax shavings until they reach 175 degrees Fahrenheit.  Make sure there are no clumps! No one wants a lumpy candle. Once your wax is liquified and 175 degrees, remove it from the heat and allow it to cool anywhere between 140 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit.  Add 8-10 drops of coconut essential oil to the cooled wax mixture and carefully stir the ingredients using a bamboo skewer. (You can use a butter knife, but it will be covered in wax. The skewers are disposable.) Now, let the wax cool, this time until it’s anywhere between 100 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

And now,  you’re ready to pour! There are two ways to insert the candle wicks. The first option is to take a bit of wax, place it on the bottom of the mold and stick the wick into the mold before pouring in the wax. The second is somewhat easier, after the molds are full, allow the candles to cool for about 10 minutes before placing the wicks.  Place the wick as close to the center of the coconut candle as possible.  This next step requires patience.  You must wait.  Allow the wax to settle for 12 to 24 hours before carefully removing the candles from the molds.  If the wicks become off centered, gently move them back into place.

The final step is to pour another fruity drink, light a coconut oil candle, and enjoy!