Coconut makes for some amazing food!

Coconut is a delicious ingredient that adds wonderful flavor to so many dishes. Today we are featuring a round-up of delicious looking coconut recipes! You can find many more recipes when you follow us on pinterest!

1) Coconut Yogurt

Village Green Network posted amazing looking recipe – it looks so easy, delicious, and creamy. What a great idea for breakfast or even a light dessert with a little fresh fruit. We cannot wait to try it!

2) Lentil & Coconut Curry Stew

Anything lentil is sure to be a favorite around here and throw in some coconut and curry and wow, yum! In the Little Red House shared this spicy, exotic stew that is perfect for the cold weather.

3) Coconut & Lime Pound Cake

How about this allergen-friendly pound cake by Wholesome Cook? The combination of coconut and lime is wonderful – refreshing!

4) Pumpkin Granola

This delicious recipe features both shredded coconut and coconut oil. A Girl Worth Saving has a grain-free food blog that specializes in gluten-free and paleo recipes and this is one of them!

5) Crispy Sweet Potato Roast with Herbed Coconut Crème Fraîche

Reclaiming Provincial created this decadent dish. Isn’t it gorgeous and doesn’t it just make you want to go and cook?!


Hope you enjoy these wonderful recipes! Cooking can be an inspirational and delicious art form!