3 Superfoods

April 5, 2014 by  

Superfoods are a great way to boost your diet! There are many foods that have been revealed as outstanding sources of nutrients. These are commonly nicknamed superfoods! Wouldn’t you like to know that your body is getting awesome nutrition and maximizing the food it takes in – all while enjoying delicious food? Today we have a round-up of superfoods for … Continue reading

Salad 101

January 30, 2014 by  

Delicious and nutritious salads for a healthier life! Salads can be such a great way to help cut calories, increase super foods, and eat healthier! Making your own dressings can be a great way to control the amount of sugar, fat, and additives. Today we want to offer you a couple of salad dressing recipes as well as a build-your-salad … Continue reading

The coconut has been around for years, but we are only recently touting its benefits.

October 17, 2013 by  

  Some history on the benefits of the Coconut   In this day and age, we are bombarded with information by social media, infomercials, billboards-the list goes on and on.  Companies scramble to offer us the latest and greatest products, and we want to believe.  They’re so convincing!  If a prolific personality touts a product’s virtue, then it must be worth … Continue reading

Considered a Superfood, the Coconut is used as a Medicine and Healing Ingredient

September 10, 2013 by  

The Coconut Acts as a Healing Ingredient   Palm Trees. There are different varieties, but the one we are most familiar with is the coconut palm. They are beautiful icons of tropical vacation destinations.  But, the coconut isn’t just a pretty face. Touted as a superfood, the oil of the coconut is often used as a medicine or healing ingredient. When you … Continue reading

Coconut Sugar Scrub Recipe

September 10, 2013 by  

The Coconut is a naturally good food In fact, the coconut is considered a Superfood   However, there are many uses for coconut oil that don’t require eating it. Coconut Oil has a combination of fatty acids that produce positive health benefits including an instant source of energy. Once you are feeling rejuvenated inside why not rejuvenate the outside too. … Continue reading