Curried Lentil Soup with Yogurt

May 10, 2014 by  

I’ve been looking for the perfect curry recipe and I think I found it. Delish!!! If you’ve soaked your lentils, start with 4 cups of water instead of 6 and add more as the soup cooks, as needed. Cut down the first cooking time to 20-25 minutes, then follow the recipe again from there. Ingredients 1/4 cup Hearty Naturals Organic … Continue reading

Square Foot Gardening with Children

May 8, 2014 by  

Square Foot Gardening with Children Have you heard of square foot gardening? Square foot gardening is a quick and easy way to have a high yield garden in a small space, 16 square feet to be exact. This method is a cross between raised bed gardening and vertical gardening with similar results- tons of vegetables or herbs in a small … Continue reading

Cherry Vanilla Scones

April 17, 2014 by  

Cherry Vanilla Scones for Easter Brunch! Easter is coming up this weekend and these scones would be the perfect addition to your menu! They are delicious and go well with the usual brunch suspects – things like ham, eggs, fruit, and more. This recipe from The Cooks Next Door is easy and impressive. You can make it healthier by using … Continue reading

Community Supported Agriculture

April 10, 2014 by  

Community Supported Agriculture provides healthy produce! Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) season is just around the corner. One of the best ways to get involved with sustainable agriculture, to enjoy non-gmo produce, and to support small business is through participating in a CSA! It’s an amazing opportunity to know exactly where your food is produced and to have a personal relationship … Continue reading

Kale, White Bean, & Sausage Soup

March 15, 2014 by  

Kale, White Bean, & Sausage Soup makes a great weekend meal! With winter wrapping up and spring on the horizon, this Kale, White Bean, & Sausage soup is the perfect farewell to cold. This hearty and comforting dish is simple enough for a week night, great as leftovers, and fabulous for serving to company. Even children enjoy this yummy, gluten-free … Continue reading

Healthy Snack Recipe

March 1, 2014 by  

Nuts make a healthy and filling snack! It can be hard to find a guilt-free, satisfying snack for work, school, home, or on the go. This recipe is the answer to that dilemma – pack it in little bags or containers and stick it in your purse or briefcase for a healthy, delicious snack on the go! Best of all, … Continue reading

Gardening Tips

February 16, 2014 by  

Do you garden? Though snow is still on the ground in many parts of the country, it’s almost time to start planning your garden! Gardening is not only a wonderful hobby, but it can cut down on your grocery budget and provide more nutritionally rich food. You can start from seeds or you can purchase plants – online or at … Continue reading

Superfood: Kale!

February 13, 2014 by  

Kale is synonymous with superfood! Everywhere you turn, there are people excited about kale. This leafy grain cruciferous vegetable is packed full of nutrients. It boasts anti-oxidant benefits, has been claimed to have anti-cancer powers, is very high in vitamins including vitamin K and A, and has many  other health assets. Who wouldn’t want to add this amazing vegetable to their … Continue reading

Homemade Egg Rolls

February 9, 2014 by  

The Chinese New Year has just passed and it’s now the year of the horse! However, it’s never too late to make your own egg rolls. Did you know that coconut oil is excellent for frying them (you can also bake them if you prefer)? It can withstand the higher heat (unlike olive oil) and is healthier than other oils … Continue reading

Salad 101

January 30, 2014 by  

Delicious and nutritious salads for a healthier life! Salads can be such a great way to help cut calories, increase super foods, and eat healthier! Making your own dressings can be a great way to control the amount of sugar, fat, and additives. Today we want to offer you a couple of salad dressing recipes as well as a build-your-salad … Continue reading

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